Seniors - Texas Scramble

Our active Seniors section held their third competition of the 2023 season today, 9th Feb. With the weather improving we could actually feel some warmth from the sun as the morning progressed.

‘Sods Law’ meant we had 25 people turn up to play so, with a bit of handicap manipulation we ended up with 7 x 3 balls and one 4 ball in the competition! The latter only being allowed 3 of the 4 handicaps to count and only three putts allowed on the each green.

Despite that, the scores were close with the top three being:

1st: Keith Hopkinson, Dick Easter, Malc Draycott and Andy Walker: 56.0
2nd: Dave Lowe, Keith Else and Clive Nattrass: 58.0
3rd: Trev Haslam, Trev Parrett and John Spencer: 58.8

Well done to the winners and thanks to all the players who participated. The next seniors comp is on Thursday 9th March, a singles stableford playing for the Pete Fisher Trophy.