Mens Dinner and Prize Presentation

Friday 10th February saw the 2022 prize presentation dinner take place at the Golf Club. Starting with a brief speech from the Club Chairman, Ken Swift welcoming Members and giving a review of the year. We then had an excellent three course dinner supplied by Teresa, Steve and their hardworking team.

Captain Phil Taylor then also gave a short speech which was followed by the 2022 season’s winners being recognised and receiving their trophies.

They are listed below with pictures of some of the prize winners too.

  • Scratch Cup: Gary Griffiths
  • Les and Dave Richardson Trophy: Mark Beastall
  • Vice Captains Prize: John Beeby
  • John Brownhills: Chris and Charlie Burnham
  • 1950 Trophy: Gary Griffiths and Alan Keeling
  • Order Of Merit: David L King
  • Presidents Putter: Gary Glynn
  • Scratch Matchplay: Not played
  • Stroyan Cup: Alan Bramley
  • Oakes Cup: Alan Bramley
  • Searson Cup: John Eley
  • Silkstone Cup: John Lawrence
  • Speeds Trophy: Jonathan Spensley
  • Stroyan Medal: Bob Gascoigne
  • Handbury Trophy: Dereck Martin
  • Morewood Cup: Trev Pearson
  • Yeomans Cup: Mark Brooks and Andy Hill
  • Mark Strange Trophy: Gordon Kells and David L King
  • Air Ambulance Trophy: James Lawrence
  • Veterans Cup: Gordon Swain
  • Octogenarians Trophy: Frank McCabe
  • Scratch Medal:
    Div 1: David Blinkhorn
    Div 2: Keith Else
    Div 3: Trevor Parrett
  • Second Division Cup: Darren Oldknow
  • Rabbits Salver: David L King
  • Crickmore Salver: Russ Thompson
  • Armistice Day Medal: Andrew Burnham
  • Ernest Goodwin Trophy: Billy Morrison
  • Centenary Salvers: Trev Pearson (Div 1), Russ Thompson (Div 2)
  • March Medal: Graham Lunn (Div 1), Alan Bramley (Div 2)
  • April Medal: Gary Griffiths (Div 1), Frank McCabe (Div 2)
  • First Division Medal: Phil Walters
  • August Medal: Mark Beastall (Div 1), Alan Keeling (Div 2)
  • September Medal: Bob Gascoigne (Div 1), Darren Oldknow (Div 2)
  • Holes In One: Brent Ridley, John Spencer, Mike Rapkins, Trev Pearson, Roger Walker, Graham Shinfield, Ivan Langton, Terry Taylor, Nev Hallam, Roger Foster and Keith Else.