Philip Taylor: Like many Captains before me, I feel privileged and honoured to represent this Golf Club for the 2023/24 season. I very much see my role as a representative for ALL members, with an overarching remit to ensure that your membership of Alfreton Golf Club is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Lady Captain, Beryl Stewart for all her hard work last year.
Both our new Lady Captain, Denise Chapman, and I are looking forward to what will hopefully be a healthy year for all, and a year in which you are able enjoy your golf and have a great time.

With a diary of competitions, matches and a number of social events planned for the year, we would encourage you, your families, and guests to participate in as many events as possible. I am looking forward to playing golf and taking part in social and fund-raising events with as many of you as possible in this, my second year as Captain.

Improvements to the course have continued by our Head Greenkeeper Andy Ryder and his team, and with the substantial investments made in machinery I am confident that it will be maintained to the highest standards throughout the year. The new 8th green is now ready and looks to pose an interesting and rather tight approach to challenge all. With continuing improvements to tees, pathways and the shaping of the course the hard work of our green staff, volunteers and greens committee can only benefit our club members, guests, visitors and societies alike.

Steve and Teresa Winfield, our Club Stewards, along with our social committee are doing a tremendous job in making our 19th a warm and welcoming place where you can relax and enjoy a drink and bite to eat. I would encourage you not only to make use of these improving facilities before and after your Golf but also for the other social events organised both by the Club and the Management Team.

The Club is also lucky to have many volunteers and helpers who give up their time and expertise for free, either helping with a variety of projects out on the course or getting involved in the various committees. Their efforts are very much appreciated.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s Captains’ Charity is still going support our local “Air Ambulance Service”, an organisation that provides vital lifesaving services throughout Derbyshire, and the surrounding regions. Plus ‘The Ark’ (Ashbourne Animal Welfare, Rescue and Homing Centre). Please support us where and when you can for these very worthwhile causes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime during the year if you want further information or support with any club events or have any issues regarding the course. You can email me at philiprtaylor@btinternet.com. Sorry, I can’t help you with your golf, (rather stating the obvious!), however, our Professional Nev Hallam is more than capable of giving you some assistance in that department and supplying you with the equipment, clothing and other golfing essentials.

My very best wishes to you ALL for a successful and enjoyable golfing year ahead.

Denise Chapman: 

A warm welcome to Alfreton Golf Club we are a very friendly and welcoming Ladies section. We offer competitive and social golf throughout the year. I am very proud and privileged to be representing Alfreton Golf Club as your Lady Captain of such a wonderful group of ladies for 2023.

I can be contacted by email dm.chapman@outlook.com or if you prefer you can leave your contact details behind the bar and I will respond as soon as possible.

Check out our Ladies page via this link.

I look forward to working alongside Phil Taylor our Club Captain for 2023, hoping it will be an enjoyable and successful golfing year for all.


With thanks from your Captains; Denise Chapman and Phil Taylor

A brief history

To celebrate our Golf Club, we asked Bruce and Lorna Morris, to give us some of their memories of past times at Alfreton Golf Club:

They recall how they joined; it was in 1962 when they were invited to the annual dinner and dance at the Royal Alfred Hotel. By the end of that evening, their application form had been signed and a month later became members, paying £7 guineas annual subscription plus a £2 guinea entry fee!

Course development is too big a subject, but it is remarkable that the changes have nearly all been completed by staff and members.

Who remembers the old wooden clubhouse? It came from Swanwick Hayes Conference Centre and had been used to house German and Italian prisoners during WWII. It had a small room on entry with a bar, fireplace, two settees, the ‘billiard table’ and a one armed bandit. Glass doors led to the long room which had settees, tables and chairs. The floor on party nights was a bit like a bouncy castle and had to be stiffened. The room was set off by a huge brickwork fireplace and a grate for log fires; though smoky at times it was always a welcome sight.

In 1974 the Derbyshire lady veterans preferred it to the stormy day outside, playing bridge with plenty of G&Ts. Declaring ‘its lovely don’t ever replace it’. But time marches on and the new clubhouse was opened in 1976.

Social events were of great importance including dinner dances that over the years have been held at various venues such as:

  • The New Bath Hotel in Matlock when the tickets were £2.50 and a room for the night £2.
  • The New Pacific at Somercotes, it was the Empire cinema and now a fishing tackle shop.
  • Hills Café Alfreton where at about 11.30pm they served a supper table of all chocolatey things.
  • In 1992: The Club House with surrounding marquee for Centenary Year was magical.

By the way, in the 70s every ticket to the Annual Dinner/Dance had to be, by tradition, a personal invitation from the Captain!

The men’s annual dinner was always in the clubhouse, and one year the caterers came from Chesterfield bringing a full field kitchen, setting it up down the 9th fairway and providing a full Christmas dinner.

The room was so packed for the occasion, you had to eat in sequence, odds leaned backwards, evens ate, then you alternated. If you were on the outside of the table and wanted a comfort break you had to crawl under it to get out.

The tradition of ‘Taking wine with the Captain’ was a laugh; toasting winners, losers, visitors, anything or anybody, so by the time of the actual presentation everyone was certainly in HIGH SPIRITS!

Back in the time before drinking laws after social functions, most arranged lifts or were collected, but for the ‘die hards’, around 2am, Dot Turner and later Sue Turnbull would bring out bacon butties and after that anyone wanting a lift home could rely on Dot or Sue as they both had a mattress in the back of their vans and would cart you safely off!

Thanks to Bruce and Lorna for these recollections, apologies for having to edit out some others, but perhaps you can stop them and ask for further memories, including the plans to reroute the A38 through the golf course!!