Alfreton Golf Club Greenkeepers

Alfreton’s golf course is always presented to players in a super condition. It is generally recognised that our greens are some of the best in the county. This is a testament to our three greenkeepers Andy Fenn, Matt Keigher, Jacob Smith and the Head of our Greens Committee Roger Foster.

Seasonal work planned or underway:

  • Drainage works to area between 3rd and 9th
  • Levelling work and re-turfing the 8th tee
  • Re-turfing the 3rd tee
  • New sprinklers on 1st and 8th tees
  • Trenching work for cables alongside the first fairway
  • Areas of fairways to be scarified and seeded in the spring
  • General greens maintenance

Roger Foster

Chairman of Greens Committee

Andy Fenn

Head Greenkeeper

Matt Keigher


Jacob Smith