Alfreton Golf Club Greenkeepers

Alfreton’s golf course is always presented to players in a super condition. It is generally recognised that our greens are some of the best in the county. This is a testament to our Green keeping staff, volunteers and the Head of our Greens Committee Roger Foster.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Ryder as our new Head green keeper. Andy was head keeper at Brailsford Golf Club for 22 years. He is an experienced green keeper with knowledge of how to maintain and advance our course.

David Breedon has also agreed to assist with the course and machinery, 2- 3 days a week. His intimate knowledge of the machinery, the irrigation system and drainage etc will be a boon to the club and give Andy a head start.

Please welcome Andy who started on the 19th July. As well as Dave, he will be working alongside apprentices Harvey Allsop and Reece Jewkes.

For Work plans through autumn/winter 2021: Check out below –

– Relocation of the new 8th green
– Machinery repair programme
– Tee drainage and green treatment
– Drainage improvements behind the 7th tee
– Work beside the 9th green left hand bunker
– Leaf blowing and collection
– Artificial turf beside 2nd/12th winter tee and 3rd Green/4th tee
– Scrub clearance to the left of the 4th hole

Roger Foster

Chairman of Greens Committee

Andy Ryder

Head Greenkeeper

Dave Breedon


Harvey Allsop

Apprentice Greenkeeper

Reece Jewkes 

Apprentice Greenkeeper