The Rider Cup 2024 results are in

Gordon Kells final report of the 2024 Rider Cup

Well the weather today for the 3rd & final round of matches in this year’s Rider Cup was at least a bit drier than day 2 last Tuesday, but that was the end of the good news for Nottinghamshire!

Trailing by 2 points going in to the 12 singles matches Notts needed to secure 7 points to retain the cup, whilst Derbyshire’s task was to secure 5.5 points to win it. As the attached day 3 results show, the pressure proved too much for Notts and Derbyshire easily secured the points they needed, winning 8-4 on the day and 21-15 overall.

Presenting the trophy to winning captain Nigel Savage (on the right) Dave Lowe (Notts Captain) was gracious in defeat and both captains thanked their respective teams for their support, and the catering team for the lovely Pie Chips Peas & Gravy meal provided to 30 hungry diners. Praise was also given to the greens staff who have worked hard over the last 9 days to keep the course well presented during the 3 days of play despite what the weather has continued to throw at us.

So that narrows the difference in the overall number of wins to just 2, with Notts holding a 7-5 advantage from the 12 Rider Cups held so far. Will Derbyshire continue to narrow the gap next year?  Certainly that will be the intention of their 2025 Rider Cup Captain Paul Russell, but we can also be sure the Notts Captain, Mike Rapkins, will be equally determined to wrest the cup back from its temporary loan to Derbyshire!!

Whatever the outcome, it is likely to be another well supported and closely contested spectacle!