Details of new handicap system

As you are aware the new handicap system comes into effect on Monday 1st April. Handicaps will be based on the difference between Course Rating and Par. For Men this will mean a two shot increase for most, but not all, when playing the Gold Course and no change or a reduction for players on the Silver Course.

The details are posted on noticeboards in the Clubhouse and will be laminated and placed on the board near the first tee. A new board will be purchased in the Autumn as the Course is to be re-rated in July/August when the course rating may change.

The increase of handicaps on the Gold Course will mean that fewer players will be eligible to play in the first division of competitions which are divided, and will result in an imbalance in the numbers between the two divisions. The Greens Committee have decided to adjust the Course Handicap limits to 1 to 17 for the first division and 18 to 34 for the second division. The Board Competition limit will remain at 28.