The three day ‘Seniors Rider Cup’ has been completed  today, here’s a summary of how the events infolded this year:

Day 1 of 3 took place on 21st November. Nottinghamshire took an early 7.5-4.5 lead but with 24 more points up for grabs it was too early for the current holders to celebrate.

Day 2 was completed on 23rd November, with Notts again winning on the day 7-5, meaning their overall lead was now 14.5-9.5.

There were 12 singles to be played on Tuesday 28th with Derbyshire needing to win 9 of them to take the trophy off the current holders!

Day 3 resume: Unfortunately due to heavy rain on the Monday, the course has been closed and day 3 has been abandoned without a ball being struck! It was agreed therefore that the 12 singles matches would all be halved, simply adding 6 points to each teams score.

Thus the final 2023 result was a win to Nottinghamshire by a score of 20.5-15.5. Their good form over the opening days making them deserved winners this year and extending their overall lead over the past 11 years to 7-4.

Derbys Captain Brent Ridley thanked the caterers for a great end of competition meal, he also thanked Gordon Kells for his organisation and then presented the trophy to winning Captain Ian Cook.

Well done to the Notts team and to all who participated.