Hallowe'en Special

The course was closed today after further overnight rain, however our Ladies who play regularly on a Tuesday decided that they would have a social afternoon instead. The request was to turn up in Hallowe’en dress and food and drinks would be provided to make the afternoon pass by.

It included an indoor putting competition with a broom! Anthea Thompson’s brushing got her first place, with Helen Crompton coming second and Sally Lucas a devilish third place.

Other games inclued a ‘Donkey Drive’ won by Bev Housley a ‘Place the Boo on the Ghost’ competition and a Bingo session with winners of Diana Riley, Olivia Dowling and Sally Lucas, Helen Crompton getting a lucky loser prize as well.

As the mists began to gather later in the afternoon it was time for the ladies to fly off home. The group picture above, from Left to Right show Sue Burrows, Sally Lucas, Linda Baston, Olivia Dowling, Cecelia Fletcher, Lady Captain Denise Chapman, June Gaunt, Bev Housley and at the front; Helen Crompton with Bev Gould. (Missing from that pic are Anthea Thompson, Vonnie Savage and Diana Riley.

Looks like a good time was had by all!!