3 Clubs and a Putter Competition

We have two ‘reduced club’ competitions each year at the Club. A three club challenge over 10 holes where one must be a putter and we have today’s, (6th July) alternative played for by the Seniors group, where you must have only three clubs plus a putter in your bag.

Invariably scores seem to be good, despite that limitation, and today proved no different. In a field of 21 players the top six all scored 36pts or better.

Trevor Parrett proved to be the winner with a 38 point total just one ahead of Paul Eveson. The choices of clubs varied considerably dependent upon the length each player could hit. The winner’s choice….Driver, 3 rescue and 8 iron. Despite finding 2 bunkers the 8 iron worked well to get him out of trouble.

A great format to remind you that you dont need 14 clubs and it also speeds up play with often no choices to make about the club to hit.

The 10 hole mixed three club challenge is in the fixture book for Weds 2nd August at 5.00pm, open to Members to participate, come along and give it a go.