New Members Competition

As new Members join our Club, we continue this year with integration events to show them what our Club has to offer.

To that effect, tonight we had social evening competition, enabling these ‘newcomers’ to play with existing Members. The plan being to show them round the course, meet some new faces and have some fun too.

Being social competitions, they were open to players of all abilities, (even those without handicaps), they were also mixed events.

Teams of new Members were paired along with a long-standing member playing in a Texas scramble format. It meant that any information about the running of our club, handicaps, rules etc could be asked of your team captain whilst you were on the course.

Winners of this latest social were Phil Smith, Roo Burnham, Captain Phil Taylor and Kath Lucas-Yates. There was just one shot between the top three teams. Well done to all who participated.

Thanks goes to Pete Hilton for organsing the evening. There will be further similar events through the season.