Stu Walters Fundraiser

A big thankyou to all Members and Guests that supported yesterday’s Club fundraiser. The results of the day are attached and prizes for the winners are available for them to collect from Nev’s shop.

We missed getting a picture of the winners who played in the second group out in the morning and posted a score that no-one could match. The Second placed group were available hence their pic!

It is appreciated how much these days are supported by both players paying to enter the competition, providing raffle prizes, purchasing raffle tickets and to those who continue to sponsor the tees.

To make the day a success, volunteers efforts should not go unnoticed. So, well done ALL who helped, especially to Nev for the sorting out the cards and raffle tickets and collection of the money; to Christian Townsend, Lee Morgan and Trev Pearson for getting up early to give the bunkers another rake; Pete Hilton for getting all the cars parked and Billy Morrison for additional raffle ticket selling.

Another thank you goes to all the Ladies, (and Gents), who provided food for the half way house and to those Ladies that manned it throughout the day. Steve and Teresa did well providing the food and drink as did the greenstaff who all worked hard getting the course looking great after all the hot weather of the past few weeks.

The evening event with Vida was well supported with 100+ members and guests in attendance. All in all it was a great day with over £2,300 being raised.

Thanks again for supporting the day,

Stu Walters.