Thank you to our Members

We may be one of the ‘smaller’ Clubs in Derbyshire, but we are always pleased and very appreciative that our Members are on hand to support us in so many ways.

Some examples recently have been their support in the completion of a number of projects around the Club.

Diana Riley has worked hard to ensure the completion of all the documentation necessary for the successful award of our SafeGolf accreditation. In recognition, the Committee presented her with a bouquet of flowers for her endeavours to ensure our committment to safeguarding of children, check out the link here for more details.

Local plumber Darren Oldknow (Stamford Gas and Heating) has renewed the taps in the Mens changing room facility. He has provided the materials and his time as a donation to the Club.

A project team has rebuilt the steps leading from the 18th green up to the Clubhouse. Peter Gould was able to source most of the bricks via ex Member Richard Flynn with a further supply being donated by Graham Lunn. The construction work then being completed free of charge by Mick Sherrard and Geoff Stevenson.

We thank them all for the work they put in to the benefit of all of our Members.