World Handicap System  

Early access to the World Handicap System – Golfer Platform; ‘My England Golf’ is now available to Members. This lets you see your projected Handicap Index ahead of the system going live in the UK on 2nd November.

If you go to the ‘My England Golf’ platform at the England Golf website you can register with your CDH number, (which you can find on your handicap certificate on the ‘How did I do’ app.) This gives you access to a range of functions including your Handicap Index, Handicap record and graphics showing your best 8 scores from 20.

There will also be copies of a master sheet of the Handicap Indices (HI) on notice boards around the Clubhouse too. Be aware that at present the HI is based upon scores up to the middle of September. It will be revised by England Golf to take into account competitions played over the past month at the beginning of November.

Once live, in November, to obtain your actual playing handicap you’ll need to use the specific Course and Slope rating charts for our three courses, (gold, silver and bronze). These are shown below and are also available around the Club too.