Greens Maintenance week completed

The week commencing 1st September, has been a busy time at the course for the green keeping team. Along with volunteers, the autumn greens maintenance schedule has been completed.

  • Hollow coring to a depth of 1.5 inches
  • Overseeding with 40kg of browntop bent/fescue mix
  • 30 tonnes of kiln dried sand applied
  • Sand and seed brushed into the core holesDespite the unsettled weather, all 10 greens (plus the practice green) have been worked on. It was a challenging time completing the work before the weekend, whilst still allowing Members and a few visitors to continue to play around them.
    The next two Saturdays will see ‘non board’ competitions played to give the greens time to recover before the rescheduled ‘majors’ continue. Despite Covid and necessary course work we will get to the end of this difficult season with the main competitions completed. Visitors and societies are welcome to return to play now that the week’s work has been done.

A good job by all involved. Check out some more pictures on our Twitter pages.