Autumn Invitation Day


After the long period of lockdown we were pleased to welcome invited guests to play with our Members in the Autumn Invitation Day.

The weather wasn’t too bad considering the forecast and we managed to get 55 groups on to the course over the day.

It was a credit to our Greens team who worked hard in the week coming up to the event and also making an early 4.00am start on the day to make final preparations.

Scoring proved to be high with 43pts being needed just to get into the top 8 prize places. A big thank you to Captain Billy Morrison for his hard work on the day and also to all the other helpers and sponsors too.

The winners were as follows:

1st: Mark Downing and Tom Castledine: 47pts
2nd: Steve Heenan and Pete Wright: 46pts (Back 9: 24)
3rd: Stu Anthony and Paul Hopkins: 46 pts (Back 9: 23)
4th: John Lawrence and Pete Turner: 45pts
5th: Petter Aaser and Stewart McCabe: 44pts (Back 9: 24, Back 6: 17)
6th: John Radford and Dan Heaslip: 44pts (Back 9: 24 Back 6: 16)
7th: Sean King and Darren Brooks: 44pts (Back 9: 21)
8th: Sean Dolan and Ron Sharpe: 43pts (Back 9: 22)

There were also over 20 winners for getting a 2 during the course of their round.

Full details and scores of all participants are posted on our twitter page: @Alfreton_Golf