A38 Trophy - 2020 

With so many fixtures in our golfing Calendar lost to the Covid 19 lockdown, it was great last night, (17th July), to complete the annual Alfreton vs Swanwick fixture.

A traditional match between 14 pairs of Members and visitors, there’s always been a competitive but friendly rivalry between the two sides to see who keeps the A38 Trophy for the next 12 months.

Chris Burnham for Alfreton and Phil Walters (ably assisted by Steve Nutt) for Swanwick, had posted their team selections earlier in the week and the weather last night was perfect for the match to play out.

Alfreton had won in the previous year, but this time Swanwick took and early lead but from being 6-3 up they saw it clawed back to 6.5-5.5 with two games left to play.

However, 2020 Captain Billy Morrison was seen walking up the 18th fairway with a smile on his face, his pair having secured the winning point for Swanwick. The final result was a close fought 7.5-6.5 victory.

The post match barbecue and beer went down well and over £500 was raised for the Club on the night. Thank you to all who organised and participated in the event.