Pond renovation on the 5th 

There’s always more work to do around the golf course. In addition to the general upkeep which the green keeping team have been working hard on over the past months; they have also been taking on a new project recently.

The pond in front of the 5th green has been looking somewhat overgrown with weed, silt etc so not only has this been manually removed its also been stocked with a range of freshwater fish too.

Member Ian Briggs started the clearing last month and this has been completed by Alex, Seb and Harvey with further help from Bob Green. They also all chipped in to purchase 15 more fish, so to date we now have a stock of 20!

They are koi carp, mirror carp, ghost carp, shazuno goldfish, ghost koi and blue orfs. This will make a great feature once the pond settles down and the fish grow a bit.

Another example of the positivity going around Alfreton Golf Club.