Golf Course Maintenance

Golf Course Map

We reported last month about the appointment of our new Head Greenkeeper, Alex Roberts. Well, he’s been in position for nearly a month now and we are pleased to report on the developments he’s been responsible for setting in motion.

Working alongside greenkeeper Seb Tysall, Chairman of Greens Roger Foster plus numerous volunteers from our Membership a substantial volume of course improvements have been achieved. Check out the link for more details.

With weather conditions being slightly better recently the course has been tidied up and put into shape with definition achieved by cutting fairways, tees, rough, greens, aprons and collars.

Other priorities are the new par 5 (3rd), on which 3 new tees are required and one has been constructed and the competition tee will be next.

The plan above shows the new layout of the course with the position of the par 5 3rd and 13th holes. See also the pictures below of the tee work plus some others from around the course, can you figure out where they are taken?