Clubhouse Refurbishment

During the past 24 months the Golf Club has been fundraising.

During the 2017-18 Captains year, Trevor Parrett and Olivia Dowling raised some £4,000 which was donated to the Derbyshire Autism Service and during this 2018-19 year Captains Dereck Martin and Ellie Bennett focused their efforts on putting monies raised back into the golf course recently enabling various pieces of equipment to be purchased.

From the 2017 fund there was an element retained which has now been put towards some new sofas in the Clubhouse. Additionally, during 2018 the Social Committee has held various fundraising events with a view to also updating the fixtures and fittings in the Clubhouse too.

So, in addition to the recently delivered sofas, this weekend new blinds have now been fitted in the Clubhouse, (thank you Dave Gould for your time). As money becomes available through this year’s fund raising efforts there are plans to undertake further work such as new curtain surrounds, updated central heating covers and perhaps new carpeting too.

We would ask our Members to please keep supporting your Social Committee as they work towards achieving these goals.