2018 Rider Cup Competition

The late autumn 3 day seniors competition named the ‘Rider Cup’ was completed today. For the fourth successive year the team of Nottinghamshire has won the trophy.

Played over three days during a two week period, squads of Members nominally from Nottingham and Derbyshire participate in four ball, foursomes and singles matches. This year’s Captains Dick Easter and Malc Draycott selected their teams to try to second guess pairings to take early leads.

After Day 1 Notts had a three point lead which was extended to 4 after the second round of games. Today there were 17 singles matches played to determine the winner.

Derbyshire’s team have a track record of fighting hard on the final day, and this morning was no exception. With the last two matches left on the course, Notts were leading by just one point. However Notts Captain, Dick Easter and ex Chairman David Evans came good securing 1.5 points between them to take Notts over line one more time. The final score being 26-24.

Congratulations to all who organised and participated in the golf. Thanks also to the caterers for the 2 course meal provided afterwards. Once again the event was a great success played in the right spirit.

The picture below shows Dick Easter being presented with the trophy by Seniors secretary John Carpenter.