Alfreton vs Swanwick - A38 Trophy

The eagerly awaited match between teams from Alfreton and Swanwick took place on Friday 13th July. Captains for the day, Chris Burnham and Richard Flynn had selected and announced their teams earlier in the week and the match teed off at 4,30, the winners to keep the ‘A38 trophy’ for the year.

After a period of success for Alfreton, in 2016 Swanwick took the prize and then last year they retained it in a closely fought 7-7 draw.

As the skies darkened and the first real rain of the summer fell, the teams started to come in and the scores fluctuated one way to the other. Hard to believe, with one match result to go Alfreton took a 7-6 lead, however Stu Anthony an Darren Oldknow secured their point for Swanwick making the final score 7-7 for a second consecutive year!

Swanwick RETAIN the A38 Trophy, well done the them and to all the players for their participation.

The post match curry and chilli went down well with the beers and £250 was raised for the Captain’s fund.