Mens Prize Presentation Dinner

Friday 16th February saw the annual prize presentation dinner at the golf club. It started with a four course meal followed by speeches from the President, Alan Bramley and the Vice Captain, Dereck Martin. Afterwards the season’s winners were recognised and received their trophies.

Outgoing Captain, Trevor Parrett was pleased to hand out the awards to the men who had won competitions throughout the season. They were:

  • Scratch Cup: Chris Brooks
  • Les Richardson Trophy: Winner – Mark Brooks, Runner Up – Gary Griffiths
  • Vice Captains Prize: Winner – Roger Walker, Runner Up – John Clarke
  • John Brownhills: Winners: Tony Ashley and Dave Housley
  • Runners Up: Dan Bennett and Graham Lunn
  • 1950 Trophy: Gary Griffiths
  • Presidents Putter: Chris Brooks and Gary Griffiths
  • Scratch Matchplay: Winner – Mark Brooks, Runner Up – Lee Morgan
  • Stroyan Cup: Bob Gascoigne
  • Oakes Cup: Gordon Kells
  • Searson Cup: Dan Bennett
  • Silkstone Cup: Malc Draycott
  • Speeds Trophy: Stu Anthony
  • Stroyan Medal: Phil Bennett
  • Handbury Trophy: Gary Morton
  • Morewood Cup: Phil Taylor
  • Yeomans Cup: Robin Green and Gordon Allsop
  • Mark Strange Trophy: Wynn Avery and Bob Gascoigne
  • Air Ambulance Trophy: David Hallott
  • Octogenarians Trophy: Eric Brown
  • Second Division Cup: Paul Clarke
  • Rabbits Salver: Brandon Haslam
  • Crickmore Salver: Dave Lowe
  • Ernest Goodwin Trophy: Trevor Parrett
  • Centenary Salver: Div 1 – Gordon Swain, Div 2 – Graham Boyd
  • March Medal: Div 1 – Graham Lunn, Div 2 – John Spencer
  • April Medal: Div 1 – Roo Burnham, Div 2 – Roger Foster
  • MacMilan Spoon: Roger Foster
  • 125th Anniversary Medal: Div 1 – Phil Walters, Div 2 – Trevor Parrett
  • First Division Medal: Phil Walters
  • September Medal: Div 1 – Matt Welsh, Div 2 – Steve Heenan
  • Holes In One: Trevor Parrett, Ian Briggs, Gordon Swain, Mick Sherrard

John Brownhills Foursomes Winners: Dave Housley (left) and Tony Ashley