Have you been custom fitted ?

A simple question to which a lot of people would answer yes to, especially those who have been to fitting days or discount stores or even on line sites etc.


There are however some variables which should have been considered, see how many you were made aware of.

1 Clubhead loft angle.

2 Clubhead lie angle.

3 Clubhead  horizontal bulge. ( Driver. woods and some Hybrids )

4 Clubhead vertical roll.  ( Driver, woods and some hybrids)

5 Clubhead sole angle. ( Irons and wedges only )

6 Cluhead face angle,  ( Driver, woods and some hybrids )

7 Clubhead hosel offset.

8 Clubhead face, MOI, centre of gravity design.

9 Shaft flex.

10 Shaft toeque.

11 Shaft weight.

12 Shaft spine alignment.

13 Shaft bend profile.

14 Grip size.

15 Grip weight.

16 Grip material composition and design.

17 Club length.

18 Club swingweight.

19 Club total weight.

20 Club weight distribution/ balance point.

21 Set make up.

These are the variables that should be considered and applied to the fitting process.

I will outline the fitting sequence  in my next post .